6 thoughts on “Entrepreneur tips

  1. i think as a team we should discuse what we are doing because if we dont know we will make it worse and also we should never give up like our group we made slime and it is a hard thing to make it for lotes of people but we nevver give up we need to think what we are buying and is beter to think of what they like and sell them like my group we know that children like to play with slime and it work thats how we made lots of money.

  2. A entrepreneur is to work with others.
    You need to take risk.
    You need to be organised.
    You need to be hardworking because if you are not hard working you wouldn’t be able to make any prophet.
    You also need to be team work.

  3. An entrepreneur must be able to take financial risks and must be determined and never give up in what they do. They must be able to work as a team. They also have to have financial acumen. They must know to advertise and sell the product.

  4. An entrepreneur must be able to adapt to situations and work as a team.
    Also they should be able to negotiate with their audience.
    They have to be able to work as a team and listen to each other’s ideas.
    Being organised is very important because if you were selling something and you had not labelled the products they would be too busy labelling and not selling.

  5. An entrepreneur must be able to work with others.
    They must be prepared to take risks.
    They need to be organised.
    They need to be able to work with others as a Team.

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