Entrepreneur Week

This week, children have been exploring Mary Berry as an entrepreneur. They have recognised how she is a well recognisable baker and is famous for her appearance on the Great British Bake Off!

A few days this week, children were doing a number of different activities around the theme of business. They have been listed below:

Children in year 3 were solving word problems by learning how to find the change of a ten pound note. They used a range of written methods to help them solve the question. Children used trial and error and their previous knowledge to be able to do this. In addition to this, children decorated digestive biscuits using a range of different toppings and then sold them across school. 

Children performed a thirty second advertisement for television. They were to advertise the cake sale by discussing what they were going to be selling. They described the toppings of the cakes and discussed prices. They asked family members to come wit their closing sentence ‘Don’t forget to bring the whole family! Children were able to clap key vocabulary during the lesson, such as ‘intonation’ and discuss with their partner, the definition of the word. Then, it was explored where children practised how to deliver their advertisement with enthusiasm. 

Discuss what you are going to be selling
Describe the toppings on the cakes and other treats you have made
Tell the pricings
Ask family members to come ‘Don’t forget to bring the whole family!’
Talk about the cause ‘It goes to charity!’


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  1. I loved the tea party.
    My best thing in the tea party was the cake it tasted delicious and it was the best day ever.
    Thank you for letting us have a tea party teachers and I love bake of.