Entrepreneur Week RP


During Entrepreneur week we have been learning about Simon Cowell. We have also taken this opportunity to improve our letter formation and sentence structure.

Can you write what you have learnt about Simon Cowell please and bring it into school? Don’t forget to use  all the writing skills we have practised this week!


5 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Week RP

  1. He is born on the 7 of October 1959 but all so have 1 children.Is a English televisien producer mentor,music also and a music tanner scout (aka A&R executive).

  2. Simon is 55 years old.simon works on the X factor.simon is a judge.simon is a celebrity on the X factor.He was born on the7th of October.simon is a very rich man at home.He is very famous

  3. Simon cowell has loads of money. He is on tv. Also, hee is on the X factor and britiansz got talont. He sings a songg on the x factor. Simon Cowell was born on 7 October. He is nice and hee is very famous. He is 55 years old.

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