Euro 2016 Challenge

Hi Year 2,

I have a challenge for you. Can you research one of the countries that are in Euro 2016?

You can present you work in any way you want. It could be on the blog, as a poster, as a video or as a fact-sheet.

Try to include the countries flag and football shirt. You will also need information about:

  • their language
  • famous landmarks
  • food
  • other interesting fact

European County Facts

Europe Fact map

There will be a prize for the winning entry and the competition closes next Friday 24th June.


13 thoughts on “Euro 2016 Challenge

  1. 1. England there language is English.2.famous landmarks Big Ben.chiken tika,ham sandwich, fish and pizza.population 63,047,162 London (capital) 8.615


    CONTINENT europe
    SIZE OF COUNTRY 50,351
    POUPULATION 65,098,630
    LANGUAGE english
    CURRENCY steling
    CLIMATE little hot and cold mixture
    PRIME MIERSTER david cameron
    NATINAL ANTHEM england does not have a anthem so they use god save the queen
    FAMOUS PEOPLE mr bean william shaksperer queen king henry 8
    FAMOUSE LANDMARKS london eye buckimang palace london bridge
    FOOD bedfordshire clanger chicken tikka masala bannglers and mash cobble
    INTRESTING FACTS england is the most populated country in the uk

  3. Poland and Germany is playing.Germany is nearlly scoring goals and Ożil is really good.Fabiański is the greatest goal keeper in history world.Milik is really bad that he didn’t even score an a goal because he slipped over the grass or MUD.Number 5 is going off and number 6 is going on.

  4. France , who are hosting the euros, have 6 points. This is the starting 11.

    LW: Theo Martial

    ST: Oliver Giroud

    RW: Antone Griezmann

    CM: Paul Pogba and Blaze Matuidi

    CDM: Diarra

    CB, LB and RB: Evra, Koscielny, Varane and Sagna

    GK Hugo Lioris.

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