European Languages Day- Norway

Velkommen til Europadagen i år 6! Barna har hatt noen fantastiske opplevelser med å bake norske delikatesser, studere History and Geography of Scandinavia og til og med ta del i litt språk og tradisjonell dans! Jeg håper du liker vårt galleri med aktiviteter nedenfor!

Welcome to Year 6's European Day! The children have had some fantastic experiences with baking Norwegian delicacies, studying the History and Geography of Scandinavia and even took part in some language and traditional dancing! I hope you enjoy our gallery of activities below!

Learning phrases in Norwegian!

Challenge: Introduce yourself in Norwegian below!

Maths & D&T: Baking Norwegian sweet treats!

Evaluate: Which baking skills did you use today?

Arts: Learning and performing a traditional Norwegian dance!

Challenge: What year did Norway win the Eurovision?

Norwegian Sports!

Challenge: Which Norwegian sports man did you learn about?

15 thoughts on “European Languages Day- Norway

  1. Norwegian:
    Hei jeg heter Sabah! Jeg likte temadagen veldig godt. Min favoritt aktivitet for dagen var baking.
    Hello my name is Sabah! I enjoyed the themed day very much. My favourite activity of the day was baking.
    We used our shaping , rolling, mixing and most important our teamwork skills.
    Norway won the Eurovision in 1985 by Bobbysocks.

  2. I loved Norwegian day since we got to bake scrumptious cookies.
    When baking the cookies we used the value of team work and resilience. I think this because we were using team work while crumbling the cookies and resilience since our dough was a disaster we still were able to make delicious mouth-watering cookies!

    The new sports person I learnt about is Susan Peterson who is an amazing golf player who won silver medals in golf championships.

  3. Mitt navn er Saira. Jeg har likt denne temadagen med å lære om Norge.Dansen var så morsom å fremføre
    English:My name is Saira. I have enjoyed this themed day learning about Norway. The dance was so fun to perform.
    Evaluate: Which baking skills did you use today?
    We used the skills of measuring and teamwork to bake the delicious cookies.
    Challenge: What year did Norway win the Eurovision?
    Norway won the Eurovision in 1985.

  4. Mitt navn er Noah
    The skills we used when baking was shaping, rolling and mixing.
    Norway won the euro vision in 1985
    The famous sportsman that we learnt about was Karsten Warholm

  5. mitt navn er Ilyas.
    I learnt about Karsten Warholm who is a hurdles champion.
    For baking we used skills such as measurement, creativity, teamwork and organisation.
    Norway last won the Eurovision in 2009.

  6. The hurdles champion is karsten warholm
    Jeg likte europadagen og likte stort sett ettermiddagen
    English:I really enjoyed Europe day I mostly enjoyed the afternoon
    And the baking skills we used were teamwork when we were crumbling it altogether

  7. hei jeg heter abubakar og jeg er 10 år i år 6. Lærerne mine heter miss vega mrs jones og mrs janjua mrs janjua er bare på fredag ​​fordi fru jones må få tak i av barnebarnet hennes.

  8. I have really enjoyed this day. I like making the biscuits as we worked in groups. I also enjoyed the sports as we learnt about different people who achieved great things representing Norway.

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