Evaluation of cakes

You are going to be to writing an evaluation of the cheese cake/other cakes baked this week. 

Introduction- Why were we baking?

First paragraph- How did we bake them? How did we promote them?

Second paragraph- How did we sell them? How much have we raised? Which was your favourite?

Conclusion- Thank everyone for buying the cakes/desserts.


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  1. In year 3, we have been learning about marry berry and baking cheese cake, roacky roads, cup cakes and biscuits.On Friday there is a tea party so if you want to come and join us for the tea party you can if you want. However they are very tasty so start to eat them delicious cakes at th tea party.We we’re raising money for school because we knew that people loved eating cakes and we sold them for 30p,60p and 50p.

    We baked them by using double cream,soft cheese digestive biscuit and for good luck we checked the right temperature so that it could be perfect. We promoted year 1&2 by asking them questions about cake.

    We spelled them by selling cakes outside and we raised a lot of money for school.

    Thank you teacher for let us eating cakes

  2. In year 3 we are learning about Mary Berry and we baked cheese cakes,rocky roads and cakes for our cake sale and for our tea party. Also people from their home have bring cakes of there for the tea party.The purpose of bringing cakes in for the tea party is there is a competition the competition is who ever has the best cake with presentation,temperature,taste,decoration and texture will win.We are also doing it for charity.

    How did we bake them?

    We baked the cheese cakes by first we crumbled up some digestive buiscuits and mix it up with butter so it sticks all together. Once you done that you are on the next layer.

  3. Why were we baking?
    We are baking for school because we know that most people like 🍰.
    We are selling for the year one and year two. We also are selling biscuits and cupcakes and muffins.

    How did we bake them?
    This is how we baked the cheesecake
    1.double cream
    2.soft cheese
    3. Digestive biscuits (chocolate ones)

    How we promoted them?
    We promoted year one and two with a advertisers on iMovie.
    Also we put posters everywhere.

  4. We made cakes because we are having a tea party.We could learn how to make cakes.we made cheese cakes and cupcakes.

    Firstly we buttered tins then we crushed digestive buiscits with butter.After this we then sturd it in a bowl and put it in the plate.We put it in the fridge.

  5. In year 3 we have been learning about Mary Berry who is an entrepreneur. So we
    decided to make some cheesecakes, cakes and rocky roads for the Year 1,2 and 3cake sake!!! Anyway, there’s a competition, we wanted to be like Mary Berry at cooking . The main points were presentation, temperature, taste, decoration and texture.

  6. We are baking to raise money for the school and we know most people like cake a lot.

    We baked them using ingredients that were needed to make the cake, rocky roads and cheesecake. We promoted them by making posters, letters and also performances we performed in front of everyone so they know about the sale.

  7. We baked 🍰 so we can be like Mary Berry. We also made 🍰 so we can give it to the children and the parents.

    We got all the ingredients we needed then each table went with Mrs Patel and made cheesecakes, rocky roads and the children made their own 🍰.

    We asked them which 🍰 they want and then they said what they want and we gave them the 🍰 they want. My favourite was the rocky roads because it had chocolate and it had marshmallows.

  8. We baked cakes so we can be like Mary Berry . We also made cakes so we can give it to the parents . It is like the British Bake Off .

    Firstly, we got all the ingredients. Then each table went with Mrs Patel to bake the glorious and astonishing cake . We made Cheesecake , Rocky Roads and we also made normal cakes . We also decorated some delicious and astonishing biscuits . It was so fun !!! We even ate some biscuits.

    We are having a tea party and we are going to sell the cakes over there . The tea party sounds fun .After school we also sold the delicious cakes in the diner . Today, we had some biscuits and cakes on the bench . My favourite was the delicious Rocky Roads because it was very squishy and the texture was amazing.

  9. we are making cheesecakes because it is entrepreneur week and we are learning about mary berry did you mary berry is the most respected woman on the field and w2as on the the great british bake of.

    we baked the cheesecakes with eggs and and chocolate chips and we made the cheesecake with icing., toffee and some cheese.

    we sold them by putting posters around the school and they knew what time and when it is.

  10. we selled the cakes in the diner because we were studying about Mary berry. She is an entepeneur and she is known to be a very good cook. I am impressed with her recipes.

    We were baking to sell cakes and cheese cakes to children and parents.
    We sold the cakes by going to the key stage 1 playground where there would be children with their pocket money buying cakes. Teachers went to the diner and sold the cakes at the end of the day. we selled them for 50p.

    We advertised the cakes by creating a poster.

  11. Introduction
    We are baking because there is a cake sale around the corner so get your cakes and enjoy and were baking cakes and cupcakes last but not least it’s a big TEA PARTY.

    we baked them with these ingredients: cream,chocolate,toffee syrup

  12. yesterday, we were baking cakes and brought them to school. We did that so people can give money to buy a slice. Then, the money went to charity.

  13. We are baking for the tea party today so you and your family can come over for the tea party today we have made some rocky roads,cheese cakes and fairy cakes for YOU!

    We baked them whith them whith raw eggs,chocolate chips and butter whith cheese.We promoted them by tasting the cream whith cheese and we told them that we had gave the cake 10/10 and 100%perfect.

    We sold them at the playground in the Dinna and today in the afternoon we are going to sell them at 2pm in the afternoon.We liked the rocky roads.

    Thanks for buying our cakes for charity

  14. In year 3 we have been learning about Merry Berry because shes an entrepreneur
    she also gave us an idea 💡 to bake a cake 🍰 and sell them for money for charity
    We used digestive biscuits to brake into pieces some marshmallows to Make it yummy .
    on Friday the children made cakes for the tea party

    This is how we had the idea we watched videos from Merry Berry to help us bake our cakes
    We sold the cakes at the diner in broad heath school we would like have you to buy some cakes!

    3 red helped us all to make the cakes

  15. Why are you baking?
    First paragraph- Firstly we crushed the digestive biscuit and put it in the bowl and crushed it again while putting it in the bowl.and we put it in the mixture and we mixed it and we put double cream and it is delicious and beautiful and stird it

    Second paragraraph- We told the year 1and 2. We promote them as telling them what we said to

  16. In year 3 we have been making cheese 🍰 cake
    Firstly we had fresh cream
    And soft cheese 🧀 and mixed it
    Then we grated and put it in the oven
    The next day the cheesecake was ready to be sold
    And we visited year1&2 at break time

    home time the teachers were in the diner selling cheese cake 🍰 and biscuits 🍪

  17. In year 3 we have been baking as we have exploring Mary berry. She is a entrepreneur and we were inspired by her recipes and love for cooking.

    Firstly, we buttered tins and then we crushed digestive biscuits with butter and did this with a rollingpin and a wooden spoon. After this, we then in a bowl, added icing sugar, fresh cream and soft cheese. This was then placed on top of the biscuits. It looked very delicious and scrumptious. Next, we put it in the fridge for an hour so it could set. Then, we added the grated chocolate and toffee.

    The next day it was cut and sold into pieces for 50p. We promoted the cakes by creating posters and visited key stage 1 to ask them marketing research questions.

    We sold the cakes by going down to the diner at the end of the day and selling them to parents and teachers. Also, we visited the key stage 1 playground during their afternoon break time and sold all the cheesecakes! It was amazing to see how they looked and how much children wanted them.