Excited Ebraheem!

I saw Ebraheem this morning and he was super excited and told me that he had received a certificate. I was very impressed to see that he has been using his skills ‘to gain’ outside of school too.

Proud Ebraheem and mum!

47 thoughts on “Excited Ebraheem!

  1. We are all proud and happy 😊 for you and make sure you keep gaining to higher levels and keep being spectacular. Well done and your parents must be happy for you.

  2. Ebraheem! It was lovely to meet you on Wednesday during transition day! Congratulations on achieving your certificate! Really proud of you and keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing you around school and in September, my Martial Arts Star!

  3. Congratulations Ebraheem!! All your hard work and dedication has payed off. Look forward to hearing about more belts in the very near future.

  4. Well done Ebraheem. I know you were talking about this during transition yesterday. Great to see your certificate and I’m positive as your aspiration for end of year 5 you will get more belts. Keep up the good work!

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