Hi 6 White,

I am missing you lots and lots and I know that Ms Janjua is too. I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter Holiday! However, it is time to get back to work; the holidays have finished and you are expected to be online and completing the work set for you.

It is wonderful to see people getting involved, you should be responding to lots of blogs – there are many fun ones, such as the Beat The Teacher blogs! It is expected that you are responding to these, as well as your music, pe and spanish blogs that are set by a multitude of teachers.

I have created a (colour coded) timetable for you that shows you the blogs that are uploaded by us everyday; these cover the lessons you would be doing in school. You should be completing these everyday, this is the bare minimum.

Every day, at 9am, the blogs will be uploaded. I am online from this time (often earlier) until around 4pm. I will continue to check the blog after this time but I would like you to have completed your work by 4.30pm if possible, this way you will receive almost instant feedback.

Each week there will be two blogs posted by Ms Janjua, a YELLOW GROUP blog and GREEN GROUP blog. Here you will find work that is aimed at specific children – this will help you with your learning. There will be a literacy and a maths task for you. We will be monitoring who off these lists complete the work each week. This is compulsory, like the timetable above.

I will uploaded the timetable each fortnight, this will be pinned to the top of the 6W blogs. You must comment to let me know that you have seen these blogs!

I hope that you are all very well, I am just a few clicks away if you need help!

Miss Vega x

26 thoughts on “Expectation

  1. It’s lovely to hear from you all. It’s nice you all say thank you but many of you are still not doing the work set for you. On that list I too set work which I expect to be done. They come under the headings of Yellow Group and Green Group. Please take a look and if your name is there please do the work. If it’s not and you would like to have a go please do. I have not heard from many of you. Thank you

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