Expectations During Lockdown

Hello Year 2

Just a reminder to you all of the expectations for you completing your work whilst we are remote learning. We will be monitoring (carefully) that you have completed the following blogs on the following days.

DayMinimum work expectation
MondayEnglish, Maths, Reading
TuesdayEnglish, Maths, Science
WednesdayEnglish, Maths, SPaG (Spelling and Grammar)
ThursdayEnglish, Maths, Topic
FridayFeedback Friday.  Zoom calls. Arithmetic / Phonics / Craft

There will be other blogs posted: Class book (Reading for Pleasure), Music, PE, Arts and Crafts – please have a look at these, too.

A member of staff will be online between 8:30 and 3pm and will respond to you work within an hour. Please check the feedback given. You were all making so much progress in school. We want that to continue while you are at home.

Please contact us if you need any support using y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

From Your Year 2 Team