Exploring 2D shapes – 1RED

Today in 1Red the children have been developing and furthering their knowledge of 2D shapes.

We read the story ‘The dinosaur who pooped Christmas’ and identified all the 2D and 3D shapes in the story. The children were then challenged to use only 2D shapes to create their own dinosaur…


What shapes can you see in my dinosaur?

How many triangles have I used?

How many circles have I used?

Where is the biggest rectangle?

How many sides does a diamond have?

What colour is the diamond?


What shapes can you see in our drawings?


7 thoughts on “Exploring 2D shapes – 1RED

  1. I can see diamonds, rectangles, triangles and circles.
    There are 21 triangles in the dinosaur.
    There are 3 circles in the dinosaur.
    The biggest rectangle is used for the dinosaurs neck.
    A diamond has 4 sides.
    There are 2 diamonds. One is purple and one is white.

  2. I can see circle , rectangle,diamond,triangles on your dinosaur.
    You have used 21 triangles . You have used 3 circle . You have done the biggest
    rectangle on the neck. The diamond has 4 sides . The diamond is purple .

  3. Exploring 2d shape:

    1) there are square, diamond, rectangle, triangle and circle.
    2) there are 21 triangles in the picture.
    3) 3 circles used in the picture.
    4) the biggest rectangle is used as a neck and is colour red in the picture.
    5) a diamond has 4 sides.
    6) the diamond in the picture was purple.

  4. The biggest rectangle is the red one.
    A diamond has 4 sides.
    You have 21 triangles.
    The diamond is purple.
    You have used one circle.
    You have used a circle,a diamond, triangles, rectangles.

  5. I can see triangles, diamonds,rectangles and a circle.
    You have used 21 triangles.
    You used 1 circle.
    The biggest rectangle is red and is the neck of the dinasour.
    A diamond has 4 sides.
    The diamond is purple.

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