Exploring current affairs

Good morning Year 6 I hope you are all safe and well. Well done to you all for being determined to continue with your learning! Whilst it is extremely important that you guys keep on making progress in your academic learning, it’s also important that you understand what is happening around you and in the world! So I will have posted this blog on current affairs and I would like you to watch the news clip (bbc newsround) and share your thoughts on this clip.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and please keep safe! We are all extremely proud of your commitment and your positive attitude towards your learning…. keep it up Year 6 !!! 

Please leave your thoughts about the above news clip below, looking forward to your responses.


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  1. It is fantastic that Blackpink are supporting climate change and want to do more about it and how they recognise what is going on in the world . Also how the Queen is motivating people to take the vaccine and thinking of others.

    • Absolutely I agree Shivani with both your points. Wasn’t it lovely to see HRH the Queen share her thoughts on the vacations! She looked amazing😊.

  2. I have watched the clip and it’s internet on how the black pink said about David Attenborough it’s was really inspiring and now they want to help this was very internet and I will share it will my family and friends.

    • I am glad you will share the news with your family and friends Hannah. Do you think it’s a good idea for us to plant flowers and trees to help us all overcome the pandemic?