Exploring different textures

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This term we have started our new Art topic which will be based on textures. The teachers weren’t giving much away and wanted the class to explore and investigate what we mean by ‘textures’. Group 1 explored the school grounds to find different textures, take a look at the video to see what they found![/ads_color_box]

[ads_color_box color_background=”#EA7392″ color_text=”#000000″]Group 2 were asked to create Popplets, they split off into small groups where they had to come up with 3 textures they wanted to explore. They had to take pictures of areas and/or objects which matched.[/ads_color_box]

[ads_color_box color_background=”#facf6b” color_text=”#000000″]Group 3 had to choose 4 areas they wanted to explore. These children had to sketch and describe the texture using adjectives. Here are a few examples of what they came up with.[/ads_color_box]

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