Exploring how characters really feel!

Today, year 4 explored how characters in The Suitcase Kid really felt in the story.

Children created questions and were able to respond in role to questions aimed at the different characters who are all experiencing mixed emotions in their home lives.

Bronze –

What was Andy’s dilemma?

What is her problem now?

What would Andy like to happen?


Write a paragraph to explain how your character feels about the dilemma and Andy’s behaviour.


Make a prediction about how the story will end – consider how each of the characters will feel at the end of the story and suggest reasons for them feeling this way.


2 thoughts on “Exploring how characters really feel!

  1. Bronze
    Andy dilmma was who will she live mom or dad?
    she wanted to live in mulberry cottage but no one wanted to live in there.
    She want to live in mullberry cottage with mom and dad and with out katie and bill and Carrie.

    I am confused because i do not know who she will pick to live with.
    I am scared who she will choose to live with.
    I hope she chooses me and carrie to live with her.
    I am upset how she talks to mme and if i sit next to her she will sit to someone else.

    Andy will live with mum and dad but not katie and carie and bill.
    Bill will feel upset becouse he wanted live with mom.

    Mom will feel happy becouse she get andy and dad.
    Dad will feel sad becouse he does not want to live carrie but he is happy becouse he has his family back.

    Carrie will feel unhappy becouse she has to leave dad and she is alone

  2. Bronze
    Andy’s dilemma was that she didn’t know who to live with.She would like to stay in Mulberry cottage with her mum and dad together.
    I am Carrie and feel upset that Andy is not choosing who to live with.I feel worried that Andy might not chose me and dad to live with.I feel angry that Andy is not behaving nicely towards me.
    I think they will all decide to go back to Mulberry cottage and live as a family.Andy will feel really happy that they are going to stay in Mulberry cottage.Mum and dad will also feel happy that Andy is staying with them.

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