Extended writing


Today you are expected to write a piece of writing using the image below as a stimulus.
(You may write a setting description, you may write a dialogue between a parent and child, you may write a dilemma story)
You must work towards the targets below;

T3-To use a range of interesting conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions.

T5- To extend sentences with more than one clause using conjunctions.

Christmas setting

Success criteria:
Conjunctions- because, although, when, if, who, that, which
Prepositions-under, below, above, besides, along
Adverbs-bustling, kindly, gracefully, cheerfully, elegantly, merrily
Punctuation- . , ‘ ! “” ?

16 thoughts on “Extended writing

  1. During winters evening Janet walked through her street and was amazed by all of the glistening decorations as she travelled through the crunchy snow a cold breeze pushed past her rosy red cheeks. Suddenly a scent trickled all the way up to Janet’s nose “Mmmm what is that scrumptious smell?” Questioned Janet
    ” that is hot chocolate now that you mentioned it shall we buy it” replied mum shivering. Quickly Janet holded on tightly to her mums hand so she doesn’t get lost.

  2. During sunset,Molly went to the appealing town with her parents.While she was travalleing through the assiduous town,Molly could feel the crunchy snow which was as soft as a polar bears fur.Because the snow was so crunchy it felt like cookies getting crushed.

  3. One evening on a snowy Christmas eve, people put up beautiful decorations to celebrate the day before Christmas.In the middle of town, there was a green X mas tree that lit up central park.All the people that were strolling through the streets were all raw because of the wintry breeze.Everyone felt the crunchy, white snow one their feet.In the bakery, children could smell the delicious bread and cakes.Some of the adults could smell the marvellous hot chocolate, which was in the drink shop.

  4. During a winters evening,Max had went to town with his mother.he could feel which made him a cold breeze of snow passing his pinky cheeks and snowflakes filling the street.while he was trying to eat all the snowflakes dropping from the glisning Sky.he could smell hot chocolate flowing through the streets.this made him picture in his head snoozing by the warm ,hot fireplace whith his oozing delicious hot chocolate.Max could also smell fresh smokey cheesy mince pie traveling through the busking town.He was leaning against the shops asking for the presents his mum said yes only because the price were low

  5. One chilly Christmas eve,Haleema and her parents were having a Christmas shop just then a cold breeze swiped past her face.Sudenly,a strong scent of hot chocolate tickled into her nose “mm what is that extraordinary smell” questioned Haleema “that is the fresh scent of Cardiff hot chocolate do you want some?”Mum replied.

  6. During the cold winter evening,Rose went out into town and could touch some crunchy soft snow.When Rose went next to the Christmas decorated shop, she could touch a cup of warm hot chocolate . Then Rose went next to the Christmas tree and could touch some green coloured leaves . Then Rose could smell some thing and questioned her mum ” What is that warm chocolate smell?”.
    “Rose that warm chocolate smell is the smell of hot chocolate,” mum replied.

  7. During Christmas eve,cheerfully children were wondering around the Christmas shops touching toys saying
    “I want that I really do.”shouted the children.
    They could smell warm hot chocolate through the cold breeze.
    “Mmmmm what’s that smell.”said one of the child’s
    “It’s nice warm hot chocolate son.”
    They could hear bells gingling and Christmas songs.

  8. During the icy winter evening,Maya and Saj where walking with there kind parents.
    Maya could feel cold crunchy snow underneath the feet and Saj could feel a freezing breeze smacking him right in his face.After a while ,Maya could smell a delicouse chocolate smell floating towardards Her .Maya politely asked”what is that delicious smell?”
    “Oh that smell my dear is the lovely scent of hot choclate would you like to have some?”
    “Yes please mother that would be delightful .”

  9. During Christmas Eve,Janet and her mum went out to town to get some presents for home,Whilst they were walking,there was a marvellous smell which ran through town and rite up Janest’s nose then Janet asked her mum”what’s that smell?”
    Mum replied”I think it’s hot chocolate,do you want some?”Janet replied “only if it dosen’t cost to much,I don’t want you to waste your money.”
    “Ok then.lets go and get some.”
    When they had finished the hot chocolate,Janet had a feel of the snow and then”WOW!!!,this is sooo soft!!”

  10. During a winters evening,Jake went to go shopping in Town with his lovely and graceful parents.Jake felt the freezing breeze across his rosey red cheeks.As Jake walked through town,his feet touched the crunchy snow.He smelt the warm tasty scrumptious Mince pies.

  11. During the beautiful sunset, really Rob and David went to town with their parents.Then David here’d a gruble from Rob “I’m starving “grumbled Rob
    “What are we having for dinner mum?”
    “We’ve had dinner!” Grunted Robs mum

  12. During the bysy, winter evening, Sara and her mother felt a slight breeze of cold air past them. As they walked on, Sara’s boots began to create deeper footsteps throughout the snow also Sara and her mother felt there nose crimping in the bysy streets, which was asbouloutely covered in snow that was as soft as a cotton balls. Whilst they traveled on, Sara scented a marvellous smell and questioned, ” Mmm what is that extroidinary smell?”
    Her mother gave a gentle smile to her and replied with a soft voice, ” well that is hot chocolate, shall we by some!”
    “Yes please.” She told. When she smelled all of the hot chocolate again, that trickled throughout the air and rushed with her mother to the hot chocolate shop, which was also extremely bysy as well.

  13. During Christmas evening,I could feel snow,trickling on my face.At that moment,a smell of yummy,scrumptious hot chocolate slapped in my face.”Mmmm,what’s that delicious smell?”I asked.
    Mum replied,”That lovely smell is hot chocolate.Shall we get some?”
    I said yes so we got hot chocolate and it was delicious.I could also see a glistening,glowing star on the gigantic,green Christmas tree.
    “Wow!What a cool tree!”I exclaimed.
    My mum smiled and said,”I know.”

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