Extended writing – Inferring a character’s feelings

In class, we have watched a video clip and your task now is to infer how the character feels throughout the short film.

What is happening in the clip?

How do you think the character is feeling?

Why do you think this?

Make sure you use a range of adjectives and sentence openers. Also, write in the style we practised together.

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  1. Edmund stood there looking at the queen “who are you ?” E..dmund” Edmund looked a shy because the queens eyes were looking at him “you look cold come sit with me ” she said nicely ” o..k ” .so he sat with the queen .” What do you want to do Edmund ?” Umm can you make me taller”no what ever you want to eat”. Okay can I have a chocolate plz” okay” she dips a little drop and she got the chocolate ” how did you that? ” magic”

  2. Edmund is lying on the icy cold ground whilst he is getting up he spots a sleigh so he jumped up nearly out of his skin she asked “who are you son of Adam ” “I…i…I am Edmund ” she said “here sit you look freezing” so he walked over to the sleigh

  3. Edmund layed on the white fluffy snow,suddenly he heard a bell jingle and out of lightning a long sleigh rushed through the white snowy forrest .A tall lady with a sparkling crystal crown jumped out of the long sleigh .”Son of Adam how did you get to my dominion “.”oh it’s my first time and my sister Lucy has been here before.”he

    “You have a sister sighed the woman,how many”,
    “Four”replied Edmund tensed.”Come and sit on my sleigh “Edmund.
    Uh … replyed Edmund anxiously.

  4. challenge 1 question 1 what is happening in the clip?
    Edmund has saw a tall white icy crowned witch she had asked him who are you son of Adam? he said in a shivering voice i…I’m Edmund.he sat next to her and the queen offered him a drink.He also had Turkish delight he wanted more but wasn’t allowed the queen said you might be king or prince of narnia the boy waved goodbye and the servan yelled hiyah hiyah for the horse to move.
    Challenge 2 question 2 how do you think that the character is feeling?
    Edmund is feeling nervouse scared worried frightened.

  5. As Edmund stood up,he has a tall lady glaring at him. Edmund was so scared because he didn’t know who she was. His mouth slightly opened as the witch asked,”Who are you son of Adam?”
    He was so shocked he didn’t know what to reply but finally replied,”I … I…I’m Edmund.”
    The women changed her voice ;it was a soft poliet voice. This time she demanded politely,”Edmund,come and sit down next to me.”
    Now Edmund was so frightened that he just answered,”o…o…okay.”
    He started to take quick breaths and his heart started to beat faster;it felt like as if it was going to pop out.

  6. When Edmund stood in the colds snow Narnia,he began to feel nervous.He could hear loud footsteps and a strange scraping noise getting closer.He felt scared and nerve racking.

  7. As Edmand walked towards the queen his hands started to shake because he was nervous.He was so nervous he almost jumped out of his skin.The develish queen told poor Edmand to come and sit down on her cold and white couch.His stomach felt horrible.The queen told him “do you want something to drink”
    ” yes please”
    ” do you want some think to eat”
    ” yes please some Turkish delight”
    Edmand feels relieved that he gets to have everything he wants.
    Edmand said
    ” can I have more Turkish delight”
    ” NO!” Shouted the queen
    Edmand took a step back and widened his eyes.

  8. 1.Edmund has came to Narnia and he sees the evil snow queen and the evil snow queen asked him to sit with her on the sleigh with her. When they got on the sleigh Edmund had hot chocolate and he had turkish delight after she asked him if he brought his parent and he said ok….
    2.At first he feels scared and nervous but then when he had his snack he felt fierce and not scared.
    3.I think this because the snow queen faked being nice but he does not know that yet…..

  9. Edmund didn’t know who the woman in front of him was but she made him feel alone and scared. She glared at him and he wanted to go home. Edmund’s body began to shake and he was trembling with fear. “Who are you?” asked the woman standing in the white fur coat. Her face was pale and she didn’t smile.
    “I… I’m Edmund,” he replied. His voice was shaking.
    Edmund stood and stared at her.”are you cold”replide

  10. As the woman glared at Edmund, edmund began to feel nervous and scared. why was this woman looking at him so suspiciously? edmund felt terrified because she was glaring at him with cold eyes.
    after a while the woman began to have a soft voice like a pillow.
    The woman said would you like to drink anything yes your majesty repiled Edmund confidently.Edmund asked can you make me taller.

  11. As Edmund rised from the frostey snow, Edmund felt scared when he saw the tall women.He was shoked when Edmund gazed at the qween. the qween said “what is your name son of adam. Edmund” said Edmund in a shakay voice.

  12. as Edmund was lying on the cold ground which was covered in fluffy
    snow, he stood up and walked but he tripped. Then he got him self up and stood looking at a mysterious looking lady who was wearing a white fluffy shawl that was fluffy as a poler bear. then the woman asked Edmund “what is your name son of adam?” ” I… I …am Edmund” how dare you enter my kingdom without some ones permition

  13. As Edmund was lying on the cold, icy floor, the woman who was very tall she was wearing a fluffy white shawl she glared Edmund and said come sit next to me.do you want a hot drink yes please your higghnes and she magiced him up some blazzing hot milk.would you like any think els.yes please some turkish dilight!

  14. As Edmund was lying on the cold icy snow, he slowly stood up and saw a a lady with white clothes and Edmund was feeling cold but at the same time frightened because the lady looked really scared. The creepy lady asked”Who are you son of adam” Edmund replied “i…i… im Edmund.

  15. As Edmund was lying on the soft white snow there was a tall women stood in front of him.The women was wearing a white coat with white boots.Also edmund was very worried.

  16. As Edmund stood up, he saw a woman who asked him who are you son of Adam i…i im not sure he asked. The lady asked him if he wanted to sit down Edmund felt nervous but he decided to sit down.The lady asked if he wanted water he said yes your majesty he asked can you make me taller he asked but she said anything you would like to eat he said turkish dellight.she said i would like to see your family i want you to be king of narnia and your brother can be your servent.

  17. As edmund was lying in the cold deep snow, he saw a lady who had white fluffy coat her dark cold eyes was staring at edmund. he felt so nervous that his heart got faster and faster like a racing car zoomed at hi heart. his mouth started to open he was so shock that he started to shake a little. “what’s your name son of adam” my… name is edmund.

  18. As Edmund was lying on the freezing,cold snow, he saw a lady in front of him . He got up and the lady who was wearing a white warm coat the lady said ” who are you son of Adam” ? “Edmund” said Edmund . He felt scared because he did not know the the lady was so he asked who she was “who are you “? “im the good wich ” said the wich sharply. “come in my warm coat ” “o..ok” so he went into the warm coat of hers.

    thank you :)

  19. AS Edmund stood up, he saw a woman who wearing a white coat made from fur.She was looking at Edmund and she made him feel sad and scared. Edmund was nervous because he was scared of the lady. He was shaking and his mouth was open.

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