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Facts about the Caribbean

Hi Year 2,

Can you look through this information and learn about the Caribbean.

The Caribbean, which is located near North America, South America, and east of Central America, encompasses more than 700 islands and the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean was named after the people who inhabited the islands before the European arrival – the Caribs. Once the Spanish arrived the population of the Caribs began to decrease. Today the islands in the Caribbean are owned by several countries including Britain (or the U.K), the United States, France, and the Netherlands.

11 thoughts on “Facts about the Caribbean

  1. I am very impressed Ladybirds and Spiders that you all were able to identify new tricky vocabulary and found the correct definitions.

  2. In the carbon and yeah it is rainig and could and wet and chilly it is also globe.
    How ever the weather is different though out the year because it rains in the summer.

    all fruit grows on plant and trees but Caribbean fruit u unsalted compared to the

    I would not like to visit the Caribbean because it is very warm and lot us of beaches. There also isn’t many animals.

  3. decrease – gets smaller or lower.
    encompasses – To enclose,circle.
    European – something of,from Europe.
    inhabited – When you live or lived somewhere.
    Celsius – a measurement to measure temperature .C.

  4. Celsius – a measurement to measure temperature.

    Decrease – Gets smaller or lower.

    Inhabited – When you live or lived somewhere.

    Encompasses – To enclose,circle.

    European – Something of, from Europe.

  5. Decrease-gets smaller or lower.

    Emcopasses-to enclose,circle.

    European-something of,from Europe.

    Inhabited-when you lived or live.

    Celsius-a measurement to tempature.

  6. Decrees means gets smaller or lower
    Encompasses means to enclose,circle
    Europien means somet of Europ
    Inhabetated when you lived somewere
    The wether of the carabean changes every were.

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