7 thoughts on “Facts and Opinions

  1. Facts

    Facts are when something is truthful or someone is saying something true.


    On the other hand, opinions are people’s viewpoint. Opinions are usaully used in newspaper articles.

  2. The difference between facts and opinions are that facts is truthful information and a opinion is someone thoughts on what they think.

  3. Facts and opinions
    Opinion is something what you think but it’s not true like People think the pigs are the victims and fact is something non fiction and true like the three little pigs boiled Mr Wolf.

  4. Facts and opinions are different because,facts are true things that have happened like when the pigs boiled Mr.wolf alive however, opinions are a persons viewpoint and what there think.The clip that we watched today someone wrote an opinion the person said that if someone blew my house down I would kill them to.

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