Fantasy Stories in 1E!

We are having so much fun in 1E, using our imagination and creating our own stories with a fantasy setting.

We first looked at the settings of different fantasy stories. Some of us were very creative and drew some amazing fantasy worlds. Others used our imagination and created a life size fantasy world that we sat in and described!

We used this to help write a description of a fantasy world.

Look at how good we are at using our imagination!

IMG_1660 IMG_1703 IMG_1700

IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1702 IMG_1708


We read the story room on the broom and acted out the ‘problem’ and ‘resolution’. We used this understanding to help create a problem and resolution for our own fantasy story.

IMG_1705IMG_1709 IMG_1706IMG_1704IMG_1711

Miss Sargent and Mrs Carman are so proud of all of 1E. You have shown us lots of imagination through your magical and exciting story ideas. Keep up the good work!


Can you tell us what has been done well in the writing you have read? 

What fantasy story ideas do you like?

You can even take part in creating fantasy worlds and stories at home! Click on the pictures below and have a go at these fun games.





4 thoughts on “Fantasy Stories in 1E!

  1. i like horrid henry book becuse he allwass be horrid to his mum and peter.and i like trubule in the jungul becuse the jungl boy jump in baloos tummy.and thank you mrs carman and miss sargent.

  2. I have done fantastic writing in my story and I can do more conjunctions when I ever write a story.I also improved my adjectives every time.But I also need to work on my characters in the story.I like to use scary words like…mischievous and furious including ferocious.The happy words are like…lovely caring and forgiving people.

  3. Wow wow wow wow 1E what super writing have you guys produced. I am so proud of your achievements. You all have gained so much in Year 1 and I think you’re ready for Year 2!

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