Fantasy World – Setting Description

fantasy setting description

This week, you have been writing your own fantasy world stories. Today, you were asked to write a description of a fantasy world using an example of direct speech, fronted adverbials and descriptive language such as adjectives.

Peer Assessment:

What do you think is effective in this piece of work?

What improvements would you make to this piece of work?

7 thoughts on “Fantasy World – Setting Description

  1. This is a good description because it has used fronted adverbials example halfway through the pavement, and it’s got verbs like she looked up.
    It could be improved by if the writer had used more adjective, verbs , and how she would of felt in there.

  2. This is a captivating piece of writing because it has used fronted adverbials such as Instead of swimming in the sea.It also has good adjective like rickety,flickering and damp . This could be improved by adding more verbs .I chose adding more verbs because it is telling you how there doing it .

  3. I think this is a good piece of work because there are fronted adverbial and are describing how they look. It also has verbs such as walking.
    One thing to improve it by adding dialogue so you know how they feel and what they want to do.

  4. This is a captivating piece of writing because it has a range of fronted adverbial such as ‘despite her nerves,’.
    I think that this is also is a effective piece as it’s got lots of ajectives like ‘flickering’. The improve I should suggest is to use personification like ‘the tress seem to be driving round her\he.

  5. They used good adjectives good fronted adverbial and descriptive devices.
    The only thing that needs improve is putting the commas in the correct places and wiriting words correctly.

  6. I think that the fronted adverbials are effective because they used it in every sentence.
    I think that they should use speech which has more words and it is captivating.

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