Feelings Through Music

In music this half term, 1E have been looking at music that was written in the past. We have also thought about when you might listen to different types of music.

Watch our video and think about how you feel when you hear the different music playing, does it make you happy or sad? It might make you laugh or be a little bit scary! We closed our eyes to help us concentrate more, why don’t you do the same!


Write some adjectives to describe how the 3 different pieces of music make you feel.

What is different about this music to some of the music you might listen to today? What is the same?

Do you like the music we have been listening to in our music lessons?

5 thoughts on “Feelings Through Music

  1. Great answers Mufaro! You have really thought about what you were going to write. These songs are from the past. I know you like songs to dance to as you have shown me your great dance moves during P.E.

  2. The music made me happy,calm and energetic.
    Old music goes slowly and the new music which I listen today is faster then old ones.
    Yes I like the music I enjoyed listening the music.

  3. The music made me happy and I wanted to dance. It also made me sad. It is different from the music I listen to today because I cannot sing along to it. I don’t like all the songs that I have been listening to in our music lessons. I like the ones that make me want to dance.

    • Well done Mufaro! You have thought a lot about the different music we have listened to. I agree, I like music that makes me want to dance too :)

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