9 thoughts on “Fiction and Non-Fiction texts.

  1. Unicorns are not real so they are fictional.
    A rhinoceros had a big horn and it got extinct 350,000 years ago.
    Unicorns are in fictional stories.

  2. The unicorn is like a horse but it has a magical horn that flashes gold and silver.
    If we touch the storm unicorn then we will get electric shock because storm unicorn has electric shock on its body.Storm unicorns are in stories and fairy tales
    but not in real life.

  3. The unicorns are extinct 35,0000 years ago.
    The storm was very rare.
    The unicorn is hairy and had a tail.
    The unicorn had a Gold and silver flashing horn.

  4. The storm unicorn was very rare and it had a body of a horse and a magical horn which was gold and silver.
    The unicorns have been found but looks nothing like the mythical creatures found in the fairytale.
    The Siberian unicorns have gone extinct 350,000 years and they looked like a rhino and a stallion.

  5. The storm unicorn was very rare because there was not very many alive.
    Unicorns have gone extinct many years ago and do not look like the mythical creatures shown in fairy tales.
    Unicorns were hairy so they looked liked a rhinoceros.

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