Film club!

We have watched Despicable me 2 this half term. Did you enjoy the film? Which part was your favourite?

How do you think Gru felt when his minions were kidnapped? why?


Which films would you like to see at Film club in September?

How could Film club be better?


5 thoughts on “Film club!

  1. I enjoyed Despicable Me 2 because it was so interesting . My favorite part was wen the minions changed from yellow to purple and started to go crazy . When the minions got kidnapped , I think that Gru felt annoyed and angry at him because he took away his friends, also he maybe felt a bit lonely.
    The films I would like to watch are brave,Rio, nativity and frozen and spy kids.

    You could make film club better if we had more time to watch the films. It’s not always fun if we hav less time to watch it!!! I lve film club!

  2. I think you could improve film club by doing some drama, looking at speech and learning some finish lines in a film and presenting the. You could also do some art to depict the films and a film quiz every so often.

  3. I enjoyed Despicable Me 2 because the film was amazing. It was te first time I watched Despicable Me 2. My favourite part was when Gru and Lucy got married. I loved it when they got married for the reason of the parts when they both mety each other I felt happy. I felt happy beacuse my prediction was that they were going to get married. My prediction came true.

    When the minions got kinapped, I think that Gru felt sad consequently, the minions are his and their his family. If someone from your family is away, you would feel sad because you are missing them.

    In September the flims I want to see are, The Smurfs 1 and 2, Toy Story, Mirror Mirror, Planes, Escape from planet earth, Rio 2, Muppets 2 and Brave.

    Flim Club can be better if we can do it in the hall. We can put down the projector and watch the movie on there with the lights turned off.

    I have loved flim club! We have been watching the best flims!

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