Film club reviews

We have been watching Mr Bean- The ultimate disaster movie. You need to write a review for this film. This will inform others abut the film but does not give too much detail about what happens!

These are the areas you need to discuss:

*Film name

*Plot- what it is about

*I best character is… because…

*3 adjectives to describe the film

*Short summary- What you thought of the film.

*How many stars would you rate the film? 1-Poor 5Excellent

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  1. Film Review

    Name Of Film: Mr Bean The Ultimate Disaster

    Plot: It is about a very funny man who goes America for a job in an art gallery. Also he is a very interesting and hilarious man who is amazingly funny and has a really funny sense of humour.

    Best Character: My best Character is Doctor Bean because of him being very funny this is an very interesting movie which makes the views laugh a lot.

    3 AdjectivesTo Describe Mr Bean: Hilarious, Weird, and Amazing

    Summary: Mr Bean goes to the art gallery and sneezes on a picture and ypthen wipes it with a tissue which smudges it.

    Rate It: 5 Stars as it is so funny. *****

    From Ahsan Khan 6M

  2. The name of this film is called Mr Bean

    My favourite character in this film is Mr Bean because he acts really silly this makes the film funny because he is clueless.

    This film is funny,hilarious and amazing.

    I think that this film is great and if you don’t watch it you will miss out on all the fun!

    There is this man called Mr Bean and he goes to America and he pretends to be a doctor but he really isn’t. If you want to find out about the kind of mischief he get up to then watch the film!

    I would rate this a 5 star.

    By Maryam Hameed

  3. Name:MR Bean -the ultimate disaster .

    It’s about a man named MR Bean and is hilarious!

    MR Bean is my best character because he is funny and hilarious!

    He goes to New York and worked in a art gallery

    It is exciting funny and wired.

    I would give it 5 Stars.

  4. Name:The ultimate disaster.
    It is about mr Beans holiday to America.
    People think he’s hilarious and people think he’s a doctor but he works in a art



    A good film actually it is a terrific film.
    I give 5 stars.

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