Hello all filmclubbers!

We have met in 3J every Friday afternoon for half an hour to enjoy a film chosen by you. I want to know your thoughts about film club. What do you like about film club?

We have watched The simpsons Movie, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Diary of a wimpy kid. Which film have you enjoyed most and why?

Which other films would you like to watch at Filmclub?

I look forward to hearing your comments!

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15 thoughts on “FILM CLUB

  1. I love film club.It is the best club ever!My favourite movie was the Simpsons because it was an hilarious,funny movie ever .The popcorn is only 20p. The that I want to watch next is wreck it Ralph .

  2. Hi I am sarah beik in year6 and I think film club is good not just good but amazing because of the films. And the pop corn to keep us happy while eating I enjoy the is Simpsons because it is so funny thank you miss jones for the amazing club I hope I can come back to this club and eat pop corn and watch amazing films that keep us happy thanks

    By sarah beik

    Thank young :) :) :) :)

  3. I love film club and especially charley and the chocolate factory because verruca salt because turned giant into a big blue ball and then the ompa lumpers jumped on her and started singing . I hope I come back to this club and enjoy the films that are given to us .

    By Elham beik
    Hope you enjoy reading

  4. I ♥ film club!
    I like all of the movie we wached so far
    Some are comedy and Fun
    I can’t think of any film but I have a lot in mind (just like my sister Maryam)
    the movie that I like Charlie and the choclate factory because it’s about choclate and I love choooclate!!!
    P.S:Don’t tell my sister I am greedy.

  5. Maryam Memi 6s
    Film club is a very nice way to watch in school with POOPCORN
    I like Diary and the wimpy kid and Charlie and the Chocolate factory even though I watched both of them. The reason I like them films because its entertaining and funny a film I would like to watch is anything that is entertaining. I cant think

  6. I think I have chosen the right club which is FILM CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I my favourite movie was Diary and the wimpy kid because I have not watched It before.

    I like Film club because we can just chill out and watch a movie but the good thing is we can’t talk It is like a cinema

    The next movie I would like to watch is

    All Stars. In the 3J cinema.

    Ahsan khan 4R Film club Fan.

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