Fireworks Celebrations

The weather was finally kind to us today and we were able to have our bonfire and fireworks!!

We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.  It was so lovely to see lots of parents and families who came to celebrate with us.

Thank  to Mrs Raja-Khan and her team of parents and families who worked so hard to give us our hot chocolate – it was delicious.

Thank you also to  Graham and Mr Strong for the fantastic bonfire and firework display.




12 thoughts on “Fireworks Celebrations

  1. I love the fireworks is was awesome,cool amazing,brilliant and the fireworks were fast in the air they were red ,blue yellow purple and green.

  2. Was lovely to see so many parents and families come to watch the fireworks, what a great Broad Heath community. I enjoyed the fireworks, they were very loud. Thanks to all who made it possible.

  3. The firworks were amzing and wonderful and we got hot chocolate and 1 biscit.They were very sparkly and colourful. Thankyou Mrs frankish and miss scott and i had lovely afternoon!!!:) :)

  4. This afternoon was fantastic. It was great to hear whoosh and bang and see children smiling. It was a fun end to the day and the oo’s and arrr’s were great. Thank you Miss Scott and Mrs Rullay for going out and getting the fireworks. If you would like this repeated, then let us know , as well as suggestions for improvement.Thanks also to the parents who supported, it is very much appreciated.

  5. The fire was really big and smoke .The fireworks was very good and I see them very well and we got hot chocolate and 1 biscit and all classes was there.They was very sparkly and there was red and silver.We had miss Scott and Miss Burton and all mums and dads

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