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First week back update

Wow, what a GREAT a week. The attitudes to learning and attendance have been outstanding. Staff have not stopped smiling because your children bring such joy. Thank you parents for all you did during lockdown. We are not out of the woods yet so need to remind you of a few things please.

1- Gates will NOT open before 3:10 and only 1 adult per family allowed please.

2- Great to see some older children walking home by themselves, well done to those parents who are encouraging independence.

3- We are encouraging as many parents and children to walk or ride bikes to school. We have a new bike unit by year 6 so that there is one by both gates. Great to see it being used especially by Y6.

4- Masks are still expected to be worn by the adults whilst on the school site.

5- Reception children are doing brilliantly in the morning and walking confidently to classes, this is great.

Myself and the leadership team are constantly review risk assessments etc and want to reassure you that we are doing everything we possibly can to keep children, staff and parents safe. Any positive suggestions or requests will be welcomed and thank you to those parents who sent some lovely messages this week.

Stay safe.

Mrs F

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