Fitness and fun!

Yet another individual that has made us all feel proud.

Inaaya’s dad started to run marathons in July and has completed three already. Inaaya has been training with dad and took part in the Rugby half marathon with the medal being an added incentive!

I have been reliably informed that at one stage Inaaya said “It’s not about the winning but taking part”.

39 thoughts on “Fitness and fun!

  1. I love you and your keeping your best I can’t run thaaaaaaaat farrrrrr amaaaaaaazing everyone loves your spirit Wow gold it up well done inyyah great

  2. I can’t believe my eyes I never thought you can still run and you got a wonderful award as a medal I think you are first place you are the best I will try to find you at lunch and play so I can play with you and Maybe forget about it you are a true runner and wow you are amazing and excellent. If you say thank you you are welcome.🤩🤩🤩🎁🎁🎁🤗🤗🤗

  3. Well done Inaya you are a great person who always tries/believes in themselve and always then achieves that activity or opportunity :) XD!

  4. Well done for you medals 🏅 your a great sporty person and you are a great rollmodle for Broad Heath was it fun and was it hard work 😓

  5. Inaaya your bravery, determination and love of life are awe inspiring. You are a great role model for many and I for one ….loves your spirit . Go girl!

  6. Inaaya came into school yesterday very proudly showcasing her medal. Miss Smith and myself are extremely proud of Inaaya daily basis, she never lets anything hold her back and tries her hardest to get on with things. Well done to Inayya and her Dad for taking part in the half marathon.

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