Five Blue’s Blooming Gallery

“Learning blooms within Five Blue!”
Children are working really hard in class and this is showcased below.
Please share a HIGHLIGHT of your week!

General reminders for parents and children- we work as a team at BH and everyone has a role to play in creating success!

Monday-P.E. Kits

Tuesday: No swimming
Spelling test- as voted by you!

Wednesday: Homework is due
(Any problems should be shared with class teachers on Monday so we can support in advance. Homework is clearly labelled on the blog)

Thursday: Reading journals
(5 signatures and reading challenge complete)

Friday: Teacher Training Day

Practice arithmetic questions online for Year 5: Online Arithmetic Paper

Practice SPAG questions online for Year 5: Online SPAG Paper

Eerie nouns and adjective games online to support you with your writing

Check out the fun puzzles on BBC Newsround

Bronze group: Lots of tasks on Education City for you to choose from and show your parents how £23.34 compares with £233.4

15 thoughts on “Five Blue’s Blooming Gallery

  1. I have done my English character profile, WOW homework and finished the final CPG tests. My test 3 score was Arithmetic 8/12 and SPAG 16/20.

    I found spot the difference game on BBC Newsround fun.

    The highlight of my week was when I received a recognition certificate.

  2. I have completed all the 3 tests on SPaG and Maths
    I have done lots of puzzles
    I have completed all my homework
    I have completed TTRS
    I am practising the witches lines
    I have done Education City
    Have a great weekend see you tomorrow Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Habib 🙂🙂
    From Saanvi

  3. Miss Ahmed I think the maths and SPAG tests you put up is the same as last week but I got 12 out of 12 for all the Arithmetic tests so that is 36 out of 36 and for SPAG test I got 20 out of 20 for test 2 and 3 but not for test 1 I got 15 out of 20 for test 1 so that is 55 out of 60 for SPAG so I got 91 out of 96 altogether. I will now watch and do the quizzes for the BBC news round

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