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Fiver Challenge – budding entrepreneurs in Year 6

As part of Entrepreneur week, year 6 started work on the ‘Fiver challenge’. The Fiver Challenge provides a highly interactive, fun way of introducing financial numeracy, resilience and teamwork in learning for primary school pupils. Pupils have 2 weeks to set up a mini business and create a product or service they can then sell or deliver at a profit and engage with their local community.

The Fiver Challenge…

  • Helps to instil resilience from a young age by challenging pupils to work outside their normal parameters
  • Builds early foundations for pupils to develop core skills including team work, problem solving and communication
  • Introduces pupils to an understanding of finance, budgeting and the importance of money
  • Provides opportunities for pupils to become involved within their local community network

Today the teams have been watching The Junior Apprentice, looking at how to work effectively as a team; they have also been researching costs, financial planning and carrying out market research in school.

Tomorrow they will be walking to the Gallagher retail park to purchase items for our businesses.  Each team has £5 to spend wisely!

What do you think is the most important aspect of managing a business? Why? How will you apply this in your team’s business idea? 

One thought on “Fiver Challenge – budding entrepreneurs in Year 6

  1. I think its that you have to organise your work properly not just in a random way of organising, for example, a =2 when it meant to be a=1 so basically in orders and we have to organise any file work oh and escpecially market research, you have to be in charge of that too…
    i cant believe we rea actually doing this!i think i know how to sell this but im getting a feeling this year group of 6xes will be better cuz last time in summer or just before summer the yr 6xes were selling in in playtime and they didnt persuade much or advertise i think that bc thye didnt organise it so they had to quickly pay back as ecxange and sell them bc they were a lot trust me a lot of people or students waiting in line!!!:(
    well,i cant believe we rea doing this challenge it shows that we still got some resilience in ourslefs just in case we fall out the group and dont know whats happenin’ or …blah blah blah whatevs we dont need to know all the blah blah blah reasons now do we ya’all?nope!not at all there i answered the quetsion myself perfect anyways it wanst a retorical question
    (ok i think i just wrote whatever cam einto my mind plz dont read this and get shocked bc i know its gonna be a shock in a bad way)
    dont read it at all its got spelling mistakes and punctutaion mistakes its just thta stas is over so i dont have to do that kinda work now…well nayways for setting us a challenge)
    thx all the tecahers

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