Food and Drink – Yr5 and Yr6

Last week we began to familiarise ourselves with Spanish vocabulary for food. Remember to use the BBC Primary Languages website to support your learning!

After practicing, play this game to see how good you are.

14 thoughts on “Food and Drink – Yr5 and Yr6

  1. I learnt many new spanish words and the game was really entertaining.The game was a bit hard to start with,but I understanded once I kept trying.It would be really useful for other children and will teach them lots of spanish food and drinks.

    • These are some spanish words I learnt:
      El pan is bread.
      La Fresa is strawberry.
      Naranja is orange.
      El Zumo is juice.
      El pastel is cake.
      El agua is water.
      Manzana is Apple.
      Chocolate is chocolate.
      Coco cola is coco cola.
      El Pera is pear.
      El Te is tea.
      Tengo hambre is hungry.
      Tengo sed is thirsty.

  2. I found the game quite beneficial as it will improve my Spanish and on a scale from 1 to 100 percent, I’d say probably 94 percent. I really hope this game will inspire and encourage others to learn Spanish in the future and be an advantageous impact when having to complete a Spanish exam in a couple of years time etc.

    • Spanish words which I have learnt are….
      La Comida, which means lunch.
      La Fresa, which means strawberry
      El Zumo,which means juice
      El Agua, which means water.
      El Pan, which means bread.
      Tengo Sed, which means I am thirsty.
      Tengo hambre, which means I am hungry.

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