Food Parcels

Afternoon all,

I hope you are all well. If you need a WEEKLY food parcel you must request one and collect it.

Food needs to be collected every Monday between 9-12 from the pod.

If you are struggling in any way, please let us know. We cannot offer school places to families who want us to do the work with the children and are not critical workers. I am sorry. The best place to be is at HOME.
Make sure the children are given set times to do the work and also have times when they play, watch tv or if needed 💤. Children must do the work set please, any problems contact me on the above email. Staff will willingly call and support you.

We have many hard weeks ahead of us. Stay focused , do a little every so often and remember you have Friday and the weekend to catch up on work.

Zoom meetings are held throughout the week and any questions ask teachers if you can.

Stay safe, we are not over the worse of it yet so keep on doing your bit.

Mrs F

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