It has come to our attention that lots of children in Broad Heath are playing the game Fortnite.
This game is a 12+ and is not appropriate for any children in the school. There are many reasons why, which are listed in the poster below. Please read and think about the advice given.

Please also visit Broad Heath Verified to see a list of games that we have deemed safe or unsuitable for our children.


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  1. I play it all day and all, and it helps me let my anger out and it is fun getting the new skins from season 5 and do all the new dances the skin.

  2. True. Fortnite is 12+. People just think it’s for kids because of its building, dances, vehicles and cartoonish graphics. I only play fifa and minecraft with my cousins!

  3. I’m lucky ☺️!Because I don’t play fortnite ,people just tell me its a shooting game and I don’t like or want shooting game s to play.I play calm games like erm….candy crush or dots or any random(calm)game.