Fractions Word Problems

Good morning Year 4,

As part of our Maths learning of Fractions, I would like you to practice the following Maths Fraction Word problems. This is something we will be looking at over the next upcoming weeks. Keep practicing your fractions learning at home. Remember, fractions can be used every day. For example, when baking and telling the time we use fractions to help us know half and quarter.

Choose 5 fraction word problems to solve. Once you have done this, come up with two of your own.

  • Which skills did you use?
  • How have you made progress in your Maths learning today?

12 thoughts on “Fractions Word Problems

  1. 1) The fraction of the boys whom are wearing red shirts are 4/8
    2) In 1/2 of the time will be 2:30
    3) The Amount of mushrooms needed 🍄 will be 8
    4) You have 5 red cars
    5) Theo hamster 🐹 is 7cm long 1/2 of Harry`s hamster.

  2. To cut the middle piece
    Fore fourths
    The first one
    True because 3 of them are pink and 3 of them are different colours I noticed that three add three =six

  3. 1. No they are not fairly divided. They are 18 pieces. Their half is 9 each.
    2. 4/8 are wearing red shirts.
    3.First and last are half green.
    4. True
    5. Four blocks are red.
    6. 14 marbles
    7. 3 goats
    8. 32 felt tips
    9. First and second
    10. 2 and half

  4. Challenge 3.Shape 1 and 3 are 1/2.
    Challenge 4.False because there are 6sweets and half were pink.
    Challenge 7.There are 3 goats because 1/4 of 12 is 3.
    Challenge 16.There are 5 red cars because 4 divided by 20 is 5.
    Challenge 15.Lisa needs 8 mushrooms because 2 times by 4 is 8

  5. 3. The third one and the first one represent 1/2.
    4. False because there are 6 and 3 are pink.
    7. There are 3 goats because 12 divided by 4 = 3
    16. There are 5 red cars because 20 divided by 4 =5.
    15. She will need 8 because 4×2=8.
    Time tables
    Yes I have made progress.

  6. The fraction of the boys that are wearing red shirts is 4/8.
    Shape number 1 and shape number 3.
    She uses 4 red bricks out of 16.
    There will be 5 red cars.
    Theo’s hamster is 7cm.

    If Tom had 10 slices and 1/2 it. How many in each group?

    Layla had 14 packets of tea she put 1/7 in each group. How many does Layla have in each group?

    In maths I have used teamwork and resilience.
    I have made progress in maths today by learning that the denominator can be as high numbers as you want but the numerator has to be smaller than the denominator.

  7. 2) Half the boys are wearing red shirts.
    5) Frances used 4 red blocks.
    7) The farmer has 3 goats.
    8) Phillip gave 8 felt tips to his friend.
    10) It would be 2:30.

    • 10) in half an hour it will be half past two which is 2:30.
      15) She will need 4 mushroom because the pizza is cut into quarters.
      5) Frances used 4 Lego’s .
      8) Philip gave 8 feltips.

      • 1) the skills I used were my methods and also explained the question telling about what is wrong or correct.
        2) I have learnt that some fractions cant be split in half because they are odd numbers and also there are lots of different answers you can make with them.

        True or False.
        Jack had 15 chocolates and shares it with his freinds and gives each of them 3.
        If this is false what is the mistake?

        Challenge 2:
        I have 50 toys and 3/5 of them are orange.
        How many orange toys do I have explain you’re answer.

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