Franklin’s Message To You


Franklin has settled in well in Four White and is really becoming part of our team. However, he has told me that he is missing his homeland, Kenya. As a result, I would like you to complete one of the following tasks;

  • Find out facts about Kenya and post below (don’t copy and paste – write the information in your own words). 
  • Create an acrostic poem using the word Franklin or Giraffe (make sure it includes lots of interesting vocabulary). 
  • Write Franklin a welcome letter and explain why his time in Four White is going to be the best of his life!

Be creative and have fun!!!

Miss Tarn 

4 thoughts on “Franklin’s Message To You

  1. kenya is a country located on the east africa
    it is very hot on kenya
    there is a popular park called safari and has animals as giraffe,elephant and camals for many visitors from different contries and childern

    as we come from different countries we are in the same places. all childern must a broad heath logo to become part of the team.or menber word is TO GAIN.i hope he can be well in year 4 white

    by abdulah

  2. Hello Franklin!

    Welcome to year 4! Both our country and yours have a rich culture and people from many walks of life. Lets celebrate what makes us unique!

  3. Dear Franklin,
    Welcome to the wonderful 4W. I bet you have noticed lots of differences between Kenya and our classroom. I don’t however want to talk about differences, I want to talk about similarities. We may have come from different countries but we share common interests such as liking “warmth.” You will feel warmth in our our classroom, in fact some days it is tropical. We both like walking tall. I do this because I am proud of my school and my class and finally we both have a common colour- yellow. Your skin has yellow patches and I have a yellow patch on my school jumper that shows I go to the best school in the world- Broad Heath. I hope we remain friends and I look forward to some great times this year.

  4. Kenya is located in East Africa,on the equator.In 2012,was estimated to be around 43 million.Kenya features of many national parks and wildlife reserves,with Safaris being a popular activity for visitors.

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