Some Year 6 have been to see me. They have asked that we do something on Red Nose Day. I have agreed that children can wear anything red as long as you wear your school jumper. All I ask is that you donate any amount from 10 p to ? and we will send it to the charity.
Yes you can wear red tights, shorts and even football socks. Think creatively! What red things will we see you wearing?

44 thoughts on “FRIDAY 13 th MARCH

  1. Mrs. Frankish – Red nose day are selling funny face kits, where you make your face funny for money – are we allowed to come to school with our funny faces on – and can we wear the special red nose day t shirts if they are not red.

  2. Thank you Mrs Frankish .
    But can me and someone from the other class do a day where you can’t speak all day you can only write on a whiteboard?
    From Aaisha Raja

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