Friday 15th May- 3R Home Learning- PSHE: To understand what makes a good community

Hi Year 3,

Last time in PSHE what looked at what a community was and what communities we were a part of. Today we will understand what makes a good community.

Watch the video below. Think about what might make a good community.

Imagine a new town is going to be built nearby and the people building it want to know what you think it should be like.

Put the pictures in order, starting with which you think is the most important for the town community and ending with which you think is the least important for the community. Explain your reasons.

Council and government offices
Providing jobs

20 thoughts on “Friday 15th May- 3R Home Learning- PSHE: To understand what makes a good community

  1. 1) Council an Government offices to keep the town running and make sure it’s safe.
    2) Hospitals because if there is an accident the nurses an doctors need to save people’s lives.
    3) Jobs because people need to make money to live to eat food and pay all there bills.
    4) Schools because children need to get a good education.
    5) Parks are good for children but least important because we can have fun in back gardens at home.

  2. 1. Council and Government offices. To keep safe and so the people can stay safe .

    2. Hospitals . Hospitals are open so sick people can go there and find out what they have .

    3. Schools. Schools are good for kids so they can learn and get a job.

    4. Jobs . Jobs are good because they can get payed .

    5.Parks. Parks are where you go to exercise and where kids can all play.

  3. Council and government offices
    This need to be 1 because the government decide everything and make laws for the betterment of the country and we should respect and obey the law.
    This need to be second.
    It has very important part in our
    community because hospitals , healthcare centres and ambulances help and save us for when we are sick and give the right medicines.
    They save us from disease. They are doing hard work.
    Then school and park . These are playing very important role in development .

  4. 1. Council and Government offices: I think this should be in the first place because it protect people and making rules for a community.
    2. Hospital should be in the second place because it treat people and save people`s lives.
    3.Schools should be in the third place because children gain education and it needs to be close to where the children live.
    4. Providing jobs because adults need to work and earn money for their living costs.
    5. Parks are less important than the others because they are only for playing and exercising.

  5. 1. Hospital.
    2. Council and government.
    3. School.
    4. Providing jobs.
    5. Park.
    I think the hospital is the most important to save the people lives. Then, council and goverment

  6. Council and Government Offices

    I think it should be in this order because the council and government are needed as they are in charge and make the rules. Hospitals are important too because people need medical help and people are born in hospitals. People need jobs to be able to manage to live and pay their bills. Then I think schools because people need education. I think parks are least important as people can go to other places for outdoor time and exercise or travel to a different one.

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