Friday 15th May – 4W Art: Tudor Portraits

Hello year 4, it’s Friday! I hope we are all still safe and smiling. Today in art we will be emulating the great Tudor portrait painter Hans Holbein! We can not wait to see what you can create! Send your finished masterpieces to:

Jane Seymour, Henry VIII and Edward VI

Portraits are drawings, paintings or photographs of a person’s face and expression. In the Tudor period portraits were very popular amongst the noble families. Having your portrait painted was a sign of nobility and wealth. Monarchs demanded that they were painted in a flattering way, to make themselves look as powerful as possible. If the king or queen was not satisfied with a portrait, the artist could loose their head!

Follow the three steps to complete your portrait. Don’t worry if you don’t have paint at home, use whatever materials you have (but try to avoid colouring large areas in felt tip pen as this can look messy).

STEP 1: Draw the face. Watch the video to learn how to sketch a face in proportion.

How To Draw The Face Proportions 2019

STEP 2: You can now choose a Tudor monarch and add the detail. Look at the neck and shoulder shape. Add the hair, hat and clothes. Remember, if you have Henry VIII, you may have to make the face a little bigger due to his size!

Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon and Henry VII

STEP 3: Colour or shade your portraits! What do you notice about the colours that are in the pictures of the Tudor portraits? If you are feeling creative you could even cut up old magazines and newspapers and collage your portrait. If you don’t have any colours or magazines- you could use pencil to create light and dark areas. Take a look at the examples below.

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    • Of course you can Umaiza if you have paint at home! Just be very careful when you paint the face- we still need to be able to see their facial features clearly!

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