81 thoughts on “Friday 15th May- Year 5 Home Learning: Science

  1. I have done both!
    What I learned!
    Irreversible means: when you can’t take the original ingredients back.

    Reversible:when you can take the original ingredients back out.

    -by Lexi

    • Actually Abdi, a more scientifically accurate comment here would be, “I tried two questions once, got both of them wrong, and couldn’t be bothered to complete any more.” Is that right? If you need help, ask. If you’ve been lazy with it, log in again and do it properly.

    • You did Luqman, but there’s a lot of red on it from you. Remember, LbQ gives you feedback when you make mistakes to help you answer correctly next time. So read their feedback carefully and make sure you act on it. Keep working hard Luqman!

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