Friday 22nd May- 3B Home Learning- Topic: Hieroglyphics

Hi year 3,

Today in topic we are going to look at hieroglyphics.

What are hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics are the Ancient Egyptian way of communicating. They used pictures instead of letters.

Click on the website below to help you understand hieroglyphics better.

Using the Ancient Egyptian alphabet below, can you write your name?

Can you now crack the following code?


Write your own secret message, for your friends to decode.

Send them in to:

29 thoughts on “Friday 22nd May- 3B Home Learning- Topic: Hieroglyphics

  1. 1, Hieroglyphics are the ancient ways that Egyptians used to communicate in writing, instead of words pictures were used.
    2, I’ve Done my name on paper I will send you a copy of it.
    3, Pyramids
    4. I’m doing my secret code on paper and I will email it to you soon.

  2. Home learning = hieroglyphics

    What are hieroglyphics?

    Hieroglyphics was used by pharaohs to leave messages and also to communicate with others in letters to each other. Hieroglyphic used logographic, syllabic and alphabetic element which contained over 1000 distinct characters.

    I have written my name in hieroglyphic.

    The code breaker task
    1) Pyramids
    2) Pharaohs
    3) Egyptians

    I have written an code message in my book.

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