Friday 22nd May- 4W Science: LBQ Environmental Changes in Habitats

Hello year 4! This half term we have made progress in science by developing our knowledge of living things…
-We can explain how we know something is living using our knowledge of the seven life processes
-We have learned how to classify living things by animal group (8 in total!) and their characteristics
-We can explain the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and give animal examples
-We can explain how animals adapt to their environment

Write down something you learned this unit in the comments below. Then complete the LBQ to learn more about how changes to habitats can affect living things.

Enter the code to begin your LBQ. Please use your name to complete the quiz so that your teacher can see who has completed their work- challenge yourself and see how many questions you can answer!

31 thoughts on “Friday 22nd May- 4W Science: LBQ Environmental Changes in Habitats

    • Excellent Yahya! There were some tough ones in there. Introducing an invasive species is a kind of environmental change. This is when a species of plant or animal is brought into a country or area from another and thrives. This can have negative effects on the life that was already living in that area. Examples are:
      – the introduction of grey squirrels to the UK from America.
      – the introduction of rhododendron bushes from Spain

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