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Friday 27th March-Year 3 Home Learning Maths

Hi Year 3,

Today we will concentrate on our Arithmetic skills.

Before that I have put up the videos that we have used for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Please make sure you are still practising them and accessing TT Rockstars daily.

3 times table
4 times table
8 times table

Click on the links below and work through the questions using your addition and subtraction skills. Remember to have some paper and a pencil with you in case you have to do any workings out or jottings. Write down any questions that you struggled with in your homework book. Let me know how you got on!

77 thoughts on “Friday 27th March-Year 3 Home Learning Maths

    • Hi Samik,
      Well done. 98 out of 100 is a great score. Keep practicing the 3 times tables and I’m sure you’ll get them all right next time.

  1. I have watched all three videos. I played the train game on 7 different levels. I also played maths invaders which I enjoyed I got to wave 10 on division, and wave 8 on reading numbers.

    • Well done Zak! Challenge yourself and see if you can move up another wave. I know you can do it!
      Have you challenged me on TT Rockstars yet?

    • Hi Safiyah,
      TT Rockstars is working, I have just tried it. Try it again and if not use a different device, maybe a laptop or a phone.
      Let me know how you get on!

  2. I have practised all the question in the link. It is very helping link to memorise all the timetables divided question add and take away
    Thanks teachers for uploading these useful content.

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