This week we have been learning about the Roman’s, so with that in mind here are your fun blog activities for Friday!

How many words can you find? what do they mean?


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  1. Augustus:
    He was a roman emperor.
    He was an stateman of ancient Rome.
    Is a boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “hollow”.
    Is a ruler of a country/city.
    It is a girls name in Latin which means “eighth”.
    A man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animalsin an arena.
    A large theatre, cinema or stadium.
    Is a masculine or feminine given name or surname.

  2. I found all of them by help of my mum.
    Augustus: the first Roman emperor
    Brutus: a legendary Trojan hero, great-grandson of Aeneas and supposed ancestor of the British people.
    Emperor: a sovereign ruler of an empire.

  3. i have found gladiator -a person who is in the roman army
    river tiber- that was the river they used to sell stuff
    emperor-he is a ruler
    Julius Cesar -leader of the roman army
    augustos -was the first Roman emperor
    Cleopatra-marrried mark antony
    mark antony- he was a miltary commander and a politician

  4. I found, Cleopatra, Augustus, Cassius, Centurion,Pompei, Emperor, Brutus, Gladiators, Octavian and Julius Caesar.

    Some words are names ( Cleopatra, Butus ) and some words are descriptions ( centurion means the commander of a century in the ancient Roman army) or ( gladiators which means a trained fighter or a normal person engaged in a fight to the death).