Friday Zoom 3 White

Hello 3 White,

hope you are all keeping safe and well. Our next Zoom meeting will be 9.30 on Friday 15th January 2021. The blog with the link will go live Friday morning.

A few things to remember:

I will only let you in if your name is displayed. This is for safety reasons.

Your camera must be on. If I just see the name of the device for example iphone8 I will not let you in as there is nobody in my class with this name.

The password is the same as last week.

The clue for the password is the name of the character we hide in the classroom in the mornings.

When you click the link you will be in a waiting room. I will let some of you in right away and some will be required to wait. Some of you need more personalised feedback and I will do that one to one. Some of you I will speak with in a group. Please do not think it is a problem you will be let in as soon as possible.

Any issues please see the help for parents with Zoom on the blog.

Miss Redhead

7 thoughts on “Friday Zoom 3 White

    • Hi Zahraa,
      Lovey to hear from you. Perhaps in the next few days You can start doing some of the work set by Miss R because I know you will be able to do it my little superstar.
      Mrs F

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