22 thoughts on “Friday’s Maths Challenge!

  1. I think the answer is 48 because he has only 12 multiplying 4 is the only number in the 4 times table is 12 which =48 rounded by 10=50 that is the highest 4 times table the rule of rounding 5 or higher you round up if it is less then 5 you round down

  2. The answer is 12 because I tried think of numbers multiplied by 4 to get 45 or higher. 12 multiplied by 4 is equal to 48 and 48 rounded to the nearest 10 is 50.

  3. The answer is 12 because if the answer is 50 I found all numbers that round up to 50 and I checked if it is a multiple of 4 and it was 48 and 48 divided by 4 is 12 so the answer is 12.

  4. So the answer could be 12 as 12 x 4= 48. And then if you round 48 to the nearest 10 you get the answer 50. With those given equations one of the starter numbers could be 12.

    So the answer could possibly be 13 as 13 x 4=52 . And then if you round 52 to the nearest ten you get 50. That is another possible answer. With those given equations 13 could be a starter number.

  5. I think that there is only one possible answer. It is 48, because he is using number 12 and multiplying, by 4. The only number in the 4 times table is 12 which equals to 48, 48 rounded by 10 equals 50. That is the highest number in the 4 times table there is no more.The rule of rounding is if it’s over 5 you round up and if it is below 5 you round down

  6. The possible number that Dev could of thought of are :
    * 48.
    There is no more because 48 is the only number in the 4 times table plus it is also above 4 and lower then 10 because if it was ten then I would be a way different number and it might be a hundred , and why are we going of topic. Anyway, the number is 48 that is it the only number.

      • Also , the other possible numbers are 48 and 52 because firstly, you can both round them to the nearest 10 which is 50. Secondly, if you divide them by 4 it would be 12 for 48 and 13 for 52. Also, if you divide 48 and 52 by 4 it would give you whole numbers instead of remainders.

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