Fun Friday in 5 Red.

Hello 5 Red! For today’s Fun Friday you are going to find Wally within the crowded places!

Don’t tell us where he is in the comments, just tell us you have found him. Have fun and happy searching!

20 responses to “Fun Friday in 5 Red.”

  1. Kia J.

    it was challenging but i finally found him

  2. Siddra K.

    I have found him in the second and third image not the first

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Great Siddra, keep looking, he is in the crowd somewhere.

  3. Elyas S.

    I could not find him in any of the pictures.

    1. Mrs Masters

      He is there Elyas, he must be hiding from you.

  4. Aleena M.

    I found him

    1. Mrs Masters

      Well done, Can you give the others a clue?

  5. Muhammad S.

    I dont know i ve looked on all 3

    1. Muhammad S.


    2. Mrs Diaz

      Keep looking Rayyan, he is in there.

  6. Yalda N.

    I can’t find molly:(

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Keep looking Yalda, Wally is in there.

  7. Aleena M.

    I tried but I did not find him

  8. Rida W.

    i have found it

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Good Rida! Can you find Wally in the other images yet?

  9. Esra S.

    I have found Wally in the third and second images but not the first.

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Great Esra, keep searching he is in there somewhere.

  10. Danyaal H.

    I have found him.

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Great, have you found him in all images?

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