Every Friday we will be bringing to you FUN FRIDAY! Where we will be setting fun, creative and exciting blogs!

To kick start our first Fun Friday blog, you will be creating your own Victorian style lettering. This could be your initials or name.

Take a look at the example below and then send your designs to the shared point below.


share point

Just a selection of the wonderful work Year 5 have sent in. WELL DONE!!!

78 responses to “Fun Friday in Year 5! Creating your own Victoria style writing.”

  1. Alisha M.

    I have done it and sent it.

  2. Sammi S.

    I have done it

  3. Reece T.

    Im sending it now

  4. Abdulah S.

    I have done mine

  5. Esha A.

    it wont let me send it but i wrote my name

  6. Esha A.

    i have done it was fun

    1. Mrs Diaz

      I see it Esha but it is hard to see as the picture is blurred.

  7. Bethany M.

    I will do this then send it it and the ones on the blog wow so good ,I try my hardest to .

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Looking forward to seeing it Bethany.

  8. Abdullah A.

    I will do this

  9. Zaid M.

    I have done it and I sent it to you.

    1. Mrs Diaz

      I see it Zaid, a photo of it is above.

  10. Asilah K.

    I have sent my work.

  11. Hamza A.

    Is this the only lesson of Friday

    1. Hamza A.

      I have did the lesson it was fun

    2. Head Teacher

      Yes…it is a time to catch up….do any work not done.

  12. Raihaan N.

    I did it and i found it fun .

  13. Ellie T.

    l have done 8t

  14. Afsana K.

    I have sent it

  15. Muhammad S.

    I have finished it and I will post it on sharepoint.

  16. Ridwan U.

    I’ll send it right now. Can you tell me if it’s good

  17. Laura M.

    I’m doing it right now

    1. Mr Mashford

      That’s great Laura, remember to send it in to us so we can see it.

  18. Rasan M.

    I have done this and sent it through the share point.

  19. Aamina B.

    I’m really excited to write my Victorian-styled name!
    I will upload it on the blog once I am done.

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