Fun in the snow

At playtime Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 went onto the field and had lots of fun in the snow.

The walk to the field was a little bit slippery!



But then we had so much fun!



Challenge – write a list of adjectives to describe our playtime.

20 thoughts on “Fun in the snow

  1. Crunchy as a crisp.
    Cold as an ice cube.
    White like a cloud.
    I was really excited and enjoyed playing in the snow.It was freezing,melting,slippery,icy,cold and white.

  2. I liked the snow because me Mia,Sediqa,Alexandra and Habiba weir throwing snow ball’s at each other so then i went to play with Alica also we played with Alica’s kuzun as well.

  3. I was excited when it was snowing because I went outside and played snow balls with my friends. It was freezing outside and cold. It was icy and slippery as well. I like the frosty white snow. It was amazing and I was enjoying the snow.

  4. Frosty
    White snow
    I love the snow me and my frends are runing up the hill.

  5. Fun in the snow:

    Here is an list of adjective words to describe our fun in the snow at playtime.

    Fun, Excitement, Cold, Freezing, Snowy, Icy, Wintery, Shivering, Slippery, Amazing, Fantastic, Beautiful, Incredible, Mischievous, Exciting and Picturesque.

  6. The snow was amazing and I was enjoying also it was really fun but I fell down and got mud on my hand gloves and I did not fall just one time I fell two times and the second I fell down I got wet and my trouser was soggy and in the front of my trouser it was muddy and I was disgusted.I had a lovely time building volcanoes whith arnav and sean me and arnav and sean had also had a snow fight and arnav just threw a snow ball at me not on my body he threw it on my neck and then I was freezing cold and I then got a cof and cold but I still did have fun.

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