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Fun in the sun at Drayton Manor!

What a fabulous day year 6 had at Drayton Manor: rides, bumper cars, chips, donuts, slushies and shopping! From facing our fears to getting soaked, we did it all! And what fantastic Broad Heath citizens you were too!

What was your favourite part of the day and why?

47 responses to “Fun in the sun at Drayton Manor!”

  1. Ahmed M.

    My favourite bit in dratonmanor was the exelerator and eating a lot of ice cream 🍨 🍦.

  2. Matthew L.

    My favourite part of the day was going on the ride. The rides my group went was
    accelerater hell ride and the pirate ship. I also enjoyed going to the arcade because I won a minecraft plush and a won a spinning toy

  3. Hani S.

    I really loved Drayton day as i had really good memories there also when I went on bumper cars I improved in driving a lot.Then when we had to go on storm force 10 I thought it would very but in the end it wasn’t.

  4. Denis G.

    My favourite part was when we went on storm force ten. I enjoyed getting socked the most.

  5. Armaan K.

    My favourite was the jolly rancher because it went really fast but slow enough for me not to fall. I would like to thank Isa’s Mum because she bought us a lot of things such as slush, sweets and she bought me some Ice cream.

  6. Muhammad H.

    My favourite part was haunting because the bench felt like it turned and th floor is turning red and smoky and the bench was making me dizzy and 🤢.I hope that we do it again.

  7. David H.

    Thank you for taking us to draton manor it was so much fun.

  8. Pranay K.

    My most favourite part was when we went to the games arcade and I got to use my money to buy a ticket and win a prize.In addition to this my another favourite part was when we went on the apocalypse and I was literally so scared.😜😜😜

  9. Zabit M.

    My favourite ride in Drayton manor is pandemonium even though it was the scariest ride there this is because it stays upside down for so long you feel as if you will fall all the way down. My least favourite ride was the small pirate ships that drive round in circles. My second favirout ride was shockwave.

  10. Mohammed J.

    In Drayton manor the best part was when we went on apocalypse. The apocalypse was the best ride because it wasn’t to scary and it happened in a blink of an eye.
    I also enjoyed the abandoned house because it weren’t scary but I liked other people’s reactions.The bad thing about haunted house was that I wanted it to go for longer.

  11. Abdirahman M.

    In Drayton Manor my favourite part was when we went on pandamonia because it went up side down which felt exhilarating. I also liked the part when we went on Male storm because it swans and made your belly go up and down.

  12. Abdur-Rahim M.

    Thank you Mrs Frankish for giving us this treat and this trip was an amazing experience however I won a Pokemon from a game.

    1. Head Teacher

      You deserve it.

  13. Humair U.

    My favourite part was when I was in the air and the ride was malestorm it was so fun thank you so much Mrs Frankish for letting us have a great opportunity and letting us have so much fun!

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