Future Scientists

Yesterday Year 6 had the  privilege of  attending a work shop ran by EON. The professor and his assistant talked about energy saving tips. We carried out different investigations about energy in the home and environment. We researched about how to save energy and how to protect our environment for future generations. We had lots of fun learning about energy saving.

Ms Janjua and Miss Newey


9 thoughts on “Future Scientists

  1. This was fantastic and it was a great way to teach us more about science and electricity.The professormade the learning fun and e.on made sure it was interesting.
    Thank-you Mrs Frankish for giving us another great oppurtunity!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at this blog.Science is a very important subject as life changing discoveries are made. I hope we can do a lot more of this in 2015-6, I am sure Miss Smith agrees as the science coordinator.

  3. Hi,

    The e.on project was really fun.I also learnt lots of things to do with electricity.We also learnt how to save electricity when were not using it.My favourit activity was seeing how much insulation is in every material.Using my results the material with the most insulation was the rockwool.The one with the least amount of insulation was the no insulation.My least favourite was sorting the definition with the picture.But i still enjoyed it.It was a good team project.

    I am sure everyone is capable of being a scientist.


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