Gaining at Broad Heath-Mihir

Dear Ms. Frankish,

We are  glad to share the good news that Mihir has got excellent result in 11+ exams which he gave on 11th Sept. He has secured 33rd rank (boys) in Warwickshire and matched the 1st rank (boys) in eastern zone of Warwickshire. His marks qualify for all the Grammar schools of Warwickshire and Birmingham. Hopefully we will opt  King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys.
Thanks a lot to all the teachers and school staff who has been instrumental in Mihir’s success. When someone ask where Mihir studies we feel lot of pride in telling that he is a student of Broad Heath Primary School.We are sure there will be lot of success stories from Broad Heath to come in coming times.
Once again a big thanks to you and all the school staff for their dedication and efforts which they put in shaping the future of young students.
Diwakar & Yamini
Parents of Mihir Sharma (Yr 6R)

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